Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Update on the Tumblr thing!

So it is after the Tumblr purge and my blog is not hit! I still have to see if there is any individual posts that were hit with the ban.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Well, it's has been bloody long awhile! Tumblr is (possibly) dying

This Pelquin character, an weird alien bird lady, is probably banned on Tumblr. Well, dang.

I love Tumblr, but their recent anti-nsfw policy is harming artists, fandoms, and many people on the website. This policy is suppose to target illegal content, including child porn, and hopefully will ban and delete such content, including porn-bots that try to follow tumblr blogs.

The problem is that the policy is poorly implemented and blindly targets any form of nudity, artistic or pornographic, anatomical studies, etc, regardless of the age and context. This ban also targets sfw (non-pornographic) artists as well. You can read more about it here: Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17thTumblr's Child Porn Crackdown Ensnares Legit Blogs in Purge

I am not sure if my Tumblr blog: will be targeted in the purge, but I do have art that contain anatomical drawings and artistic nudity, and some drawings exploring the anatomy of my adult human and non-human characters. The blog will stay up on Tumblr and I'll see after this date what is deleted.

I backed up my Tumblr blog and I might import it all here in the future (once I figure out how to convert from my bbolli-tumblr html backup to xml). I had a lot of fun on Tumblr, seeing the diverse culture, people, and fandoms of the site. I found many of my favorite artists there and follow them throughout their artistic journey. Some followed me back (Thank You).

Blogger is my old home (how old is this blog!?) weird that I am back here. I'll see if I can clean things up around here. So much dust!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Sketchblog/Artblog has moved to a new site:
Checkout my new portfolio: Vistalgian-animation.