Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween...MUH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA

Ok...Sorry, I missed last week.  I was trying to finish a big project for Drawing-100 at SCAD and I didn't get home until very late in the evening.  It was a linear still life on a 24x36 paper drawn in class and it's similar to the earlier projects during this quarter.  Drawing it was extremely challenging because I was drawing a still life with CDs, cups, papers, ruler, binders, two triangle rulers, and a large old-school calculator.  The calculator and the triangle rulers were difficult to draw, so I had to use multi point linear perspective (combination of one point (parallel to the viewer) and two point (perpendicular to the viewer) or two points where the edges are not parallel to each other).  I'll talk more about this next week when I get my artwork back.
This old ugly thing.

And now art!

Concept of the lion cobra.  I like how strong and powerful this creature looks. It carries the strength of a lion and frightening yet graceful curves of a cobra.  I might draw the midsection longer next time.

Another lion cobra. This one was drawn before the above picture as a quick sketch.

Trying the 25 expressions challenge again.  The way Vistalgia's face is designed gives very interesting and difficult to draw expressions.

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