Saturday, October 1, 2011

All these do they work!?

I'm still alive (and drawing awesome stuff).  It's been a while since I last updated this blog (understatement I know) but attending FREAKING SCAD, doing my first projects, and studying for my first exam took a lot of time out of my hands.  Then that is to be expected when I get a job for animation....drawing forever.............{insert overused internet meme here}

Anyway, I had fun in my Drawing and Art History classes, my two classes for the fall quarter, and met some very interesting people (artists unite!).  Both my classes are foundation classes meaning that each freshmen and transfer student needs to take these classes if they haven't already.  Art History is the study of historical artworks (redundant is redundant) and understanding how such knowledge can help us understand art today and ourselves and our culture.  Drawing-100 deals with the basics of all art and design, how to organize a composition, understanding the elements of art and design (line, shape, texture, value, space, color), etc.  Some of this I learned from earlier experiences but it is incredibly helpful for me to go back to the basics of art.  Expect lots of sketches of still lives from this class because this is what each and every assignment is going to be based on.

There are two assignments each week, exercises and projects.  Exercises are short sketches (2-3 hours) and studies based on in-class lessons and projects are long (10- 15 hours) drawings and are complete versions of exercises and thumbnail sketches.   Drawings are done with direct observation, no photos whatsoever!

Here what projects I did so far (sadly the camera died on me so project one is not shown, exercises I'll show later):

Project two...linear still life.

Project three...ellipses are HARD TO DRAW.

Project four (wip)...ellipses are still HARD TO DRAW.

Updates might move to Saturdays only...I'm just having trouble managing time here so bare with me...derp.

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