Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hi Again!!!! Some stuff from my sketch book.

Let the art dump begin...

Edit: Thank you blogger for almost messing up my post. Sorry if the feed/paragraph/the post thing on the blogger reader list thing jumbles up this post.  I was not expecting it to do that. Since almost every sketch has a caption under it, blogger shows the captions on the reader list thing as one paragraph. Sorry about that!
Yakmen sketch

Yakmen again with rat sketches
More rat sketches
Character sketch for Yakmen and his guardian form.

Nakim sketch and...
Nakim art for a class assignment in Computer Art Applications. This is my first time using Adobe Illustrator.  It is very different from using Photoshop.

Cindercost Vulture


Me...I am awesome!

Cute little fox bird.

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