Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fantasy Money Project

One of my most favorite projects from the 2012 spring semester at SCAD was the Money Project from my Design 101 Color Theory class.  In this project we create fictional money based on a real or fantasy country.  A narrative of the country should be provided with the original artwork of the fictional money and its downsized version. My money is based on Penrose Capital, a country from my "The Mult" story. I don't have the complete description of my country but I do have some details about it:

  • Name of country:
    • Universe Paradoxa: Penrose Capital, home of the World Traveler Academy
  • Date in time-future/present
    • 2126, founded by the first group of world travelers in 1960s
  • Where s the country located?  What is the geography? Mountains, island, etc. How big is the country - land wise and what is the population?
    • This is in a rare flat universe, a near infinite world with a sky-like dome and a vast flat plane stretched over a chaos filled void.  Paradoxa is an impossible world and its very existence violates the laws of space and time.  This violation of space and time makes it vulnerable to highly unstable wormholes, sudden acceleration and deceleration in time, strange supernatural anomalies, and unexplained creation of sentient living beings which happens every three thousand years.  These anomalies often occur at the edges of the flat universe, but the center and the area surrounding it remain stable.  This area is the Penrose Capital of Paradoxa, named so because of the triangle-like shape of the protected area and of the giant ancient Penrose triangle symbols carved in the twelve districts surrounding it.
  • Type of Government?
    • Penrose Capital is ruled not by single leader but by a group made up of the highest officials of the twelve districts.  Two officials from each district of a different species native or alien to Paradoxa.  There is a congress made up of two courts: Upper is the time and universe travelers, magic and science majors; the lower is the guardians, world builders, supernatural advisers, and hinru-darsian powers.  The upper court watches over the law making, academic studies, and multi dimensional communications. The lower court watches over god-commissioned creation of worlds and realities, god/guardian monitoring, life/death monitoring, and universe and life auctions.
  • What kind of industry is there? How do people make a living?
    • The Penrose capital is a home to the World Traveler Academy, a prestigious school to studying the Multi-verse and its inner workings down to the smallest atom and up to the most powerful gods in existence.  The entire economy, industry, and life of an average world traveler are based on solely on the academic study of the Multi-verse.  The twelve districts of the Penrose Capital contains the majors in which every world traveler can apply and study from:
      1. Brimeh District: Time travel
      2. Trunkefe District: Dimensional travel
      3. Galarchri District: Magic studies and applications
      4. Hedjohit District: Advances of sciences and science applications
      5. Jevassus District: Guardian magic and identity
      6. Saldecota District: Amhphsorsa tunnel and soul analysis
      7. Saldosah District: World commissions and creations
      8. Bameh District: Paradoxain historical and government studies
      9. Hedcasa District: Empire Planet xeno-archeology
      10. Rhamtah District: Penrose and Paradoxain technologies
      11. Sidoya: District: Penrose and Paradoxain defenses, army, and police force
      12. Hinrudarsi District: Hunru-darsiism, magic, dual soul analysis, and Pre-guardian historical studies
  • Any religious belief system?
    • Even though the Penrose Capital discovered the existence of gods, spirits and demons, souls, and other supernatural entities, the county is not founded on a belief system and the people there are free to explore any religious or non-religious ideas including agnosticism, atheism, theism, and other beliefs. The best description of this type of world is that it is Humanitarian-like or Xenoitarian.  The practice of Xenoitarian is the universal acceptance, love, and kindness of all sentient living, artificial, native and alien, supernatural, and physical individuals.  However, due to recent conflicts between gods and guardians and the rise of a single powerful leader controlled government pushed by rogue world travelers, the peace on Penrose Capital may see a horrific demise during the Golden Age of World Traveling.
Here's the penciled and colored of the Penrose Captial money:

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