Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still life infodump

Ok, I decided to keep updates on Saturdays only because of school work.  The updates might become irregular over time as my studying and drawing for my class become more intense.

Also, I was unable to take pictures of the drawing exercises due to technical difficulties (camera won't work) but I do have thumbnails and notes as an example of what we do in Drawing 100:

Thumbnails are a helpful drawing tool used to analyze the composition.  Here I draw the still life in a few thumbnails.  The thumbnails are created by using the viewfinder, which is another drawing tool used to analyze the composition and is a smaller version of the 18x24 paper I used for the artworks.  What I look for in the thumbnails are a variety of lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and curvilinear),  size of the objects, and changes in rhythm and flow in the composition.   When I'm satisfied with the thumbnail, I bisect it, draw boxes around the subjects in the drawing, and do the same to the large 18x24 paper for my final artwork.  After bisecting the large paper, I draw boxes, which can be any size according to the thumbnail, on it and begin to use sight and measuring tools to scale and draw the subject as accurately as I can.  This, the sighting and measuring process in creating the drawing, and drawing in the details takes about 10-15 hours to finish the artwork.

Here's some information on using sighting and measuring techniques on drawing still lifes.

INFODUMPMADNESS And now for something different:
Meet Briell Fetcher (name is spelled wrong in the picture).  Briell and Vistalgia and best friends for LIFE considering that Vistalgia is a deceased dragon spirit living within Briell.  Yup, this is going to be fun...
Hair styles for Briell Fetcher.  Dread locks are awesome.

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