Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Power of Sketches

In the world of art, the most basic form of any visual artwork is sketches.

Composed of just a few loose lines, sketches allow an artist to quickly draw out ideas, record life, and help plan artworks.  It is also an excellent learning tool and can be used to experiment on any style and subject.  It works as a second eye, capturing a moment in life or a fleeing idea with a few strokes of an artist’s pencil.  Sketches are raw.  They are sometimes graceful and clean or wild and messy.  Sketches are glimpses of the artist’s imagination and within them there are a million stories, artworks, and new ideas; dreams waiting to be realized.

Artwork begins with a sketch.  Artworks evolve through sketches.  Completed Artwork is the finalized version of a series of sketches.

And now sketches (and artworks) from the archives:
Sketch to Completed Art for "Bring Me Home":

Sketch and Finished Art for "Warthog":

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