Friday, May 13, 2011

Back from Very long break

Sorry for disappearing, I was caught up in final exams and essays for a time and it was becoming difficult update this blog.  Next time, I'll post something to give you guys a heads up on how long I will be unavailable.

Anyway, my final year at Georgia Highlands is over!  I can't wait to arrive at SCAD and get into animation in the Fall.  I'm so excited!!!  In the meantime, over this summer I'm thinking about applying to art festivals, selling prints, and working on commissions.  If I decide to do commissions I post an announcement on my DeviantArt profile, one on Sketching With Reckless Abandon blog, and I'll create a separate page for my art on Facebook.

And now some sketches:
(sorry for the shadows...the school scanner was too small for my sketchbook)
Angel concept. I'm going for wild-like and untamed creature.

Experiment on the spine line (look on the back). It helps in deciding how the subject would pose or move.

Warthogs are awesome!

My classmate and friend, Hanna, wanted me to draw her as a lizard/dragon.

A character in development. Not sure about the wings.

Bunny Rabbit with extra arms and sharp claws.

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