Friday, April 8, 2011

WIPs and artistic Links

I've been around blogger and found a large arts and animation community. Check some of these out:

Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes

by Mike Corriero and Jennifer G. Oliver

This blog features character and creature design, tutorials, interviews of concept artists and illustrators, and more. I found their posts helpful in inventing my own creatures.

Thinking Animation

by Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff

This blog focuses on all forms of animation, including traditional, digital, stop-motion, and puppetry. The blog have videos of these animations.

Cartoon Brew

by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi

Cartoon Brew reviews cartoons, upcoming animated films and TV shows, and animated shorts. Like Thinking Animation, this blog show case different forms of animation including commercials and experimental animation. They even have a their own BrewTV, consisting of animated shorts from different artists.

And now WIPs (warning, last one is NSFW):

These are for a portfolio.  The first two I nearly lost because Photoshop froze on me and I didn't save the picture before I had to force stop the program. Luckily, majority of the art was outlined in blue and I screen-captured it.
Before Photoshop froze.
After Photoshop froze. (bad quality due to capture)

Need help on the hands, but everything else looks good. (no more freezing ok, Photoshop?)

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