Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Works in progress and other stuff...

I'm working on a DeviantArt ID picture:
It's a self-portrait in color pencil of myself and my mildly crazy imagination!  Blue is my favorite color, there's Vistalgia on my left shoulder and the unnamed dragon on my right, my pet cat is eating my hair, weird frog-like creatures are coming out of my hair, and Jesus (that little mouse-looking thing) is sleeping in my hair...

I'm also working on a banner for my blog. I have two sketches, one a self-portrait and another of Vistalgia.

This one will be done in Photoshop or traditionally in color pencils. Characters in this one: my pet cat, my grinning cat ego, Jesus (the lion thing in the back), and...I don't know about the bug-eyed alien thing.

Here's Vistalgia in all her fierce dragonness  beauty. I had trouble on the feathers and scales on her tail; I want them to be stiff and stand out, not limp and weak.

And I have a new idea of a dimensional being (not a zombie)

It's supposed to be an energy based being with partially translucent skin where you can see bones or muscles. This being also have large feathered wings, so it's a zombie angel angel like being.

And I forgot to add this in my last post. It's the unnamed dragon under Vistalgia's picture, this is his second concept drawing.

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  1. <3 Great stuff! Loving that Fro! Keep it up! Such magical creatures!