Monday, March 7, 2011

Character design and Development

Many years ago, my imagination was bursting with creature of all forms, people from unknown cultures, and lands filled with an abundance of life and freedom.  This was a world filled where adventure was at every corner, lost ancient ruins dotted the land, and kingdoms and grand cities rise over the canopies of the untamed majesty of the great forests.  Civilizations on different planets and in different dimensions stayed in contact though magic and science.  I, traveler and Guardian Legacy, had traveled these amazing places and discovered an entire beautiful and glorious world of...Johnovia.

I made stories in this "Johnovia" about world travelers, adventures, wizards of magic and science, masters of time and space, and God, the universe's greatest engineer.  A million chactacters and creatures populated the world of Johnovia and I followed every signal adventure they get themselves into.  My character was a famous ruler and explorer of this world; her fame had inspired many people to become world travelers.  She touched the most distant of stars and planets and explored the most powerful of kingdoms.

Legacy was not alone in her journeys, she had friends and families to aid her in difficult situations such as wars, natural disasters, and terrible enemies who sought to bring down the peaceful and chaotic world of Johnovia.  Her friends and families came from distant worlds that were also full of amazing things.  Things like flying airships in the shape of living dragons, vast underground cities, clockwork angels and steam-powered robots, talking mailboxes, and flat planets. 

I still have this imagination of Johnovia and all of its amazing majestic beauty and power, but now it's more mature in its form, story, and originality.  This year I’m working on a real story in comic form based on the same ideas I had when I was younger.  I’m delving deeper into the unknown reaches of my imagination and rediscovering my childhood dreams to build a world for world travels and adventurers.

To put it simply, this story is set in worlds within a world within a world, a Multi-Verse, one of the rare dimensional anomalies existing in a never-ending energy ocean of Existence-Itself.  The story is called The MULT in bold golden letters with a mysterious faded background of the face of God.  This will be a long tale of adventure, power, faith, imagination, good and evil, order and chaos, and possible and the impossible.

It might take me a year or more to get this together.  It will take guts, my artistic skills, my imagination, and help from my friends and family to take on this task to create the most original and amazing concept the world has ever seen.

Anyway, after all that epic writing, here’s what I have so far:

Some concept art…

World Traveler Briell Fetcher/Vistalgia, the main character of my comic.  She is a shapesifter who is both human and dragon, this is her in her human form (World Traveler Briell Fetcher). She's a black female character with a careful and timid personality. She perfers reason and critical thinking to blind random destructiveness.

Experiment with Briell's hair and head shape.
Taking on the 25 expressions challenge by napalmnacey  in these two pictures. Only twelve expressions to go!

Briell Fetcher/Vistalgia in her dragon form (Vistalgia). Vistalgia is a beautiful dragon with a violent and reckless personality
A male shapeshifter character who's a friend of Briell Fetcher/Vistalgia. This is his dragon form. And if your wondering, yes these shapeshifter characters have two personalities, but they live within one body; I'll explain later what they are.  Also, not all of them are dragons.

A male alien (not a an elf). I do not know what his role is yet.


  1. So glad I ran across your blog. I luv looking at other peoples sketches. Really nice job on these. Keep it up!