Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photoshop Work

Last year, I entered the digital world of digital art with the help of...Photoshop and Gimp.  I'm was little rusty on using these tools with my wacom tablet but I just treated it like it was pixelized pencil and paper.  I completed two artworks last year, one for a competition on DevianArt and another for, and I have a lot of practice pictures done in these digital tools.

Here's some art/sketches done in Photoshop and Gimp:

Porcupine man: inking and line refinement stage (photoshop)

Self-portrait based off of my dragon character. (Gimp)

And my Vistalgian character in her last stages: Coloring and Shading. (note: design is copyrighted)(Photoshop)

Sometimes I draw directly onto the computer (in the case of  Porcupine man and seft-portrait) and that will take about two or three weeks to complete.  With scanned pictures, like Vistalgia, it will take far less time, almost about a week to complete.

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