Friday, January 21, 2011

Blue Cups, Skulls, and...what the..?

This is "Blue Cups on a Wooden Table".  This is the first time I used oil pastels in a still life.  It was trial-and-error trying to figure out how to recreate the glossy texture of the ceramic cups.  I used an online tutorial by Sheila Coly on oil pastels  and from her video I learned how to lay down a base for the cups and the table.  From there I used the oil pastels to build up layers so it will be easier to spread, blend, and fill small spaces left by the base.  The cups were completed first and the table was finished last. The background was done in acrylic paint, it was put there by painted patting packaging paper after I drew the cups (oh, tongue twister).  I wanted a different background other than a wall or a jumble of cloth. Completed Dec. 27, 2010.

This is a study on the human skull.  Understanding was under the flesh really helps me to determine how to structure human charaters.  I still have trouble on drawing the nose, the mouth, and ears, so more study is needed.

And this is don't know what this is at all.  (Imagination is crazy) Every now and then, I'll update a whatyamacallit, a mysterious creature, or a unknown entity.  If I get enough traffic on my sketch blog, I'll allow you guys (anyone?) to name whatever-it-is...and any other things that pop out of my imagination.

Oooo...mysterious mysteries...

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