Saturday, December 10, 2011

Important things from I have learned from Drawing 100: My Strengths and Weakness

In Drawing 100, I noticed that I have certain strengths and weakness in my artwork.

My Strengths:

  1. I used a variety of objects in my drawings with different textures, shapes, forms, etc.
  2. I don't draw a predictable merry-go-round composition (its when the subjects are arranged in a circular pattern; it makes for a very boring composition). Instead, I create a composition that covers the entire picture plane, has variety of rhythm and objects, and engages the viewer to explore the artwork.
  3. I can see how lines around and within the objects (contour and cross-contour lines) bend around the objects form.
  4. And I used the theory of chiaroscuro to understand how light and shadows act on objects.
My Weakness:

  1. I need to vary my line weight ( which lines define a sudden change in space, the shape of the object, which areas bulge or recede in space, etc.)
  2. I need to create accurate and symmetrical ellipses.
To further improve my artistic skills I must practice, practice, practice! I understand now that it not just talent that creates art, but it is about my understanding of basic concepts and applying that to my artwork.  How am I going to be a successful artist if I don't have a firm foundation to build off of?

Anyway, I wish the camera works so I can show you some sketches tonight, so here's a picture of clovers instead:

Right from the backyard.  Beautiful too.

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