Friday, August 26, 2011

Yay Paradox Dragons!!!!!

It's kind of nice to draw Vistalga again. I changed her design a bit and I'm growing ever closer to her final design:

Vistalgia...this is the first time I drew her in action!

Vistalgia and Seriegian.  She threating him for some reason.
Garvil again (copyrights to Neopets, Inc.).  'Ello Govner!

I came up with this very strange and interesting idea about the neopet universe, that those creatures are actually some sort of horror-beast-god things from another universe.  Their true forms are unfathomably large creatures whose ages range between eons and millennias.  If these creatures were to appear in Neopia, their paradox forms would be percived as completely and utterly impossible to comprehend.  Meet the eldritch Krawk-god. (krawk species copyrighted to Neopets, Inc.)................................yeah I been reading too much Homestruck.

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