Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Stuff I found on the internetz

Hey, sorry if I dropped off the face of the earth!  Anyway, I'm back and I found some pretty interesting things on the internet:

So...You're a Cartoonist? by Andrew Dobson and I am ARG! by Andrew Richard Gregoire are autobiographical webcomics based on these artists' artistic and sometimes very weird lives.

MS Paint Adventures by Andrew Hussie is a site dedicated to his comic/rpg/animated/ interactive story games. He has about four stories on the site, of them PROBLEM SLEUTH  (complete) and HOMESTRUCK are the longest.  Don't let the art style fool you, these stories are funny and rather enjoyable.  He also have a downloadable soundtrack to HOMESTRUCK created with help from his fans. 

I made fan-troll based on his troll characters in the comic:

G1v3 M3-Za all 0f y0ur-Za 1n-valuabl3s-Za.

And lastly Soulless by Kaarina Makowski and its a very interesting sci-fi webcomic about...well go see for yourself.

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