Monday, July 11, 2011

Aftermath and more sketches (Edit!)

I had my first artist's market last Saturday!

It was the Marietta Artist's Market and it's on every second Saturday on April thru November.  It was an interesting and fun learning experience there.  I didn't sell anything but I did have a great time talking and interacting with many creative and inspiring artists there.  I saw many different artists there from fantasy artists, glass makers, sculptors, arts and crafts people, and digital photographers.

I learned a lot about getting prepared for this event and about creating a display for my art.  I learned that I should create a display that welcomes people to view my artwork, I need to create a business card that shows my website, blog, and Facebook page, and I need to introduce myself as an artist and describe what kind of art I can create.

I would like to thank all the artists I met at the Marietta Artist's Market!  I appreciate your kindness and encouragement.  Thank you!

 And now sketches (bad quality due to some camera troubles):

(Edit: better picture quality updated)

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