Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some Very Good news!

I went on a very nice tour at SCAD (Savanna School of Art and Design) in Atlanta, Georgia.  I had their tours before, my first was five years ago when they first moved into Atlanta and another two or three years later.

So much had changed since then. SCAD now have a few buildings dedicated to certain majors: one for animation, video recording, and television communications, another for sculpture arts, and more. Back then, they only had their main campus building. All their buildings, except for sculpture building, were originally owned by other companies.

Also, SCAD students are really stepping up their game. Their art is phenomenal. A combination of artistic talent, developed skills, and a strong determination is very obvious in the artwork they create. Not only that, this is also like a competition, your going up against hundreds of artists, each one with a unqiue style, imagination, intelligentance, and wit, and almost all studio, film, animation, and communications
 companies are looking for that one artist that stands out of that crowd.

SCAD  makes me feel at home, a place full of color, artistic passion, and spontanious creativity.  A school that not only teach you art, but it push you to create art. Make something, do something, draw, dance, sing, color, create. It naggs when you first enter the building and it continoues to nagg when you leave for home.

Thank you, SCAD, for accepting me into your school.
And thank you God, for giving me the artist's bug and for my crazy imagination.

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