Saturday, January 7, 2012

First assignments for the Winter quarter

I got my first assignments from the Winter quarter this week!  For Drawing II, I need to draw a self-portrait from a mirror on any paper with any medium and, for Design I, I need to look for visual examples of "visual analogy".  The first assignment is pretty straight forward.  The "visual analogy" assignment requires me to look for unrelated objects and compare them by their features, for example: an apple, a globe, and the human head.  All totally unrelated but all three have some sort of layers (apple crust, apple pulp, apple core with the seeds; earth's crust, mantle, and outer/inner core; the human skin, skull, and brain).  Right now I'm doing objects with "faces" (cars, electric socket, and a purse) and  that "spray" (spitting cobra, spray can, water hose).

Anyway, here's my self-portrait (wip):
I'm very proud of this drawing right now.  I used some sighting-and-measuring techniques I learned from the last quarter.  Shading was a little difficult but I'm getting there, I just need to go a little darker in some areas on the left side of my face and scarf.

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