Monday, August 8, 2011

Good News and Sips N' Strokes

Hello readers, I have some good news!  I was recently accepted into the Marietta Artist's Market this Saturday, second time this year.  So if you're in or around the Marietta, Georgia area on the 13th this Saturday...look for me.

In other news, my mom introduced me to a interesting art class/get-together called Sips n Strokes.  According to their website, these classes allow artists and non-artists to create paintings they can take home.  It was founded in Alabama by Wendy LoVoy and her classes are offered in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee.  My mom got to go to a class with her friend and they had fun creating their own artworks.  I might show a picture of her work tomorrow, it looks good.

And now sketches:

I'm brewing ideas for a story here...something about owls and angels... (yeah I know barn owls don't actually have those eyes.)

Some fairy creature with dreadlocks.

Note says: Nuptial-- pan-dimensional owls and things occasionally pass by New Heaven, Nuptial is one of them.  She stayed in Heaven to watch over the creation of the First (prototype) Degogions and became guardian over Lucifer's Power.

Recently redesigned Harrvarin creature (left).  Do you remember Segieran (very bottom of the post), he's the same species as this guy, Secirragos.  Let me explain the note a bit: Secirragos  has three breeds: Original, Outbreeds, and Inbreds.  The Original is characterized by their long hair and whiskers, short forelegs and long hind legs.   Their numbers were greatly reduced by captivity and hunting and were almost driven to extinction during the 14th  century (Earth Time).  The surviving breeds were results of years of inbreeding within a small population.  Inbreds were plentiful but they became wild and steral.  They also suffered from a disease that is slowly killing them off.  Outbreeds (right) are the only ones with out the disease and their presence may mean that the species might survive.

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