Monday, August 15, 2011

Artist's Market and Sketches

Before I began, here's my mom's artwork she did at Sips n Strokes:
Arleen (mom) artwork: Women who behave rarely make history!

Last week's Artist Market was awesome!  I used what I learned from the last Artist Market to create a better display that not only drew in more people to see my artwork but created a nice shady spot on a hot day.
Here's what I did:

My mom with artwork.

Moar Art!!!!!!
When I had my first Artist Market a month ago, I had my artwork on a table and my originals on an easel.  The set up was messy and I had only a few people who briefly came by to view the artwork.
This time my mom came up with the idea to use canvas curtains to hang the artwork up and to have the prints framed in matt boards.  We also got rid of the table and only used the easel to display one of my original artworks.  With this display, more people came in and actually asked questions about my artwork and I got my name out to more people!

Angel thing #2. I don't draw angels in the traditional/cliche idea of flying humans.

FanArt WIP for a Neopet Character, Gavril McGill. He and the Krawk species belong to © Neopets, Inc. Sorry if I caused accidental nightmare fuel by making him look...somewhat creepy.
Something Something Lizard thing. 

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