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Blogger, Nooo!.....and some old written works.

I'm having some technical difficulties involving the picture upload on blogger. So this means no sketches for Wednesday. Instead, I'll entertain you with some (possibly bad) old written works of mine.

Thoughts on Johnovia is a series of short stories and letters written last year when I first thought of making a comic based on my imagination.  They were meant to help me develop the world of Johnovia and its characters.  Any idea that popped up during the time I wrote this was jotted down without a second thought, so be prepared, the grammar and pacing is a little weird in this narrative:

Thoughts on Johnovia©
Ideas by Amari Harkness
Onundav, 3rd , 5009
            Journal of Krillvony…
            So, here I am, looking over the lands that once were a great mighty planet kingdom…or pieces of it. Hey, all the other kingdoms and realms would be so jealous of her blessings: the abundance of forests and creatures, the clear light purple sky and blue clouds, perfect weather year round, and so much land and water. Now, Johnovia is just a tragic victim of a Dilyefilla gone astray from its distant home, the Outer Walls.
There is only one muliverse, an enormous universe with many little universes inside of it, in existence. Our muliverse, Engu. Surrounding Engu, there is Chaos, or the Johnovians call their creator god, AllTime. Keeping Engu safe from the randomness and the chaotic nature of AllTime is the Outer Walls. Within the Outer Walls is the Inner Walls. Within the Inner Walls are universes, realms, and worlds; the Inner Walls keeps them safe from the Outer Walls' vacuum… normally.
The people of Johnovia didn't know about the Dilyefilla, the Inner or Outer Walls. They didn't know that once every hundred years or so Dilyefilli, fragments of AllTime's power or pure chaotic matter, would break out from the Outer Walls and into the Inner Walls of time and space. And from there, one or two or maybe even twenty Dilyefilli passes by their opposites, the Illifeylid, and make their way into the universes in the Inner Walls. One just happens to hit Johnovia's universe. This sort of event is completely unpredictable, even the priests of AllTime wouldn't see it coming. Johnovia didn't see it coming.
What are even more unpredictable are the effects of the impact or the entry of a Dilyefilla. Anything can happen when it made close enough to a universe, from changing the universe's natural laws to transforming the organic inhabitants into solid metal or liquid. Sometimes if two Dilyefilli hit a universe simultaneously, they turn it inside out, hurling any living and nonliving thing in to the mercy of the Illifeylid of the Inner Walls. In Johnovia's case, the Dilyefilla entered the universe without doing anything harmful at all until it hits a planet or a star.
Johnovia was so lucky that AllTime made it a utopian planet that lasted for billions and millions of years, yet so unlucky to be in the path of the most random and destructive force in the entire Engu… it makes me wonder, why? The Johnovians had great faith in AllTime, they conquered planets and realms in his name, discovered new technologies and cures, built an empire spading several hundred dimensions, and they gave all the credit to Him. But, why did AllTime allow the destruction of Johnovia?
Sigh, maybe He got tired of them or left them. Or He stayed and watched them suffer.
Or maybe He gave them a challenge, a challenge that if they make out of this alive…maybe if they are still alive…or even still exist…
I-I don't know. Silly idea. There is no way they're still alive. Then again, I might be wrong…

This short story was for an assignment for a British literature class in high school...I really don't know what it has to do with British literature but it's about my characters in Johnovia. Once agian, beware of weird writting:

Ashan, my Guardian
I was sleeping, turning, trying to find a soft spot, sleeping, turning again, searching again, sleeping again, and then I turned…..again. I heard a sigh and I pushed back the soft green and white covers from my face. There he is, standing in the middle of my messy room with his large gold and silver wings folded and his twitching tail behind him. Angelian, he is, part human and part angel born in Dimension 444.23pi42 (Dimensionnos Drajazra). He was raised by Archangel Gabriel in my universe, according to my imagination. He wore a long white robe with silver angelic symbol on the sleeves, brown ancient sandals, and with a great blue and silver sword by his left side. He looks elfish with his long oval face, pointed ears, and golden hair growing past his shoulders and-
            “Legacy, why are you staring at me?” said the Angelian as he turns to face me, smiled, and put his hands around his face.
            He interrupted my thoughts.
            “You like my golden hair and long oval face?”
            “Stop reading my mind, Ashan!” I scream in my thoughts, “I’m sorry, but it’s annoying when you do that!”
“It’s annoying when you stare at me.” He said as he sat on an old chair facing me, “Why can’t you wait ‘til morning to observe me while I am at the Cathedral.”
            One of my alternate selves in my imagination, the Cathedral, is the secondary life source of all the imaginary creatures of my mind; by theory, if I go, she stays. The Cathedral is a large multi-dimensional marble tower that is a place of worship to our God and King, a theater and a concert hall, and a city-in-a-building. She continuously grows from Johnovia, my world/universe, to space and to a bunch of other places I wish I can name but I can’t because certain parts of my mind are undiscovered.
            “What is she up to now?” I asked as I sat up in my bed, tired and groggy. The Cathedral has a mind of her own and can cause much trouble and chaos if Ashan of I don’t keep watch over her. She loves to mess with people’s minds and lives. Like a few months ago, four or six human troops came out of a star portal the Cathedral created. She let them wonder around in her chambers a bit, then, just when the humans thought it was safe, she ‘pretended’ to crush them, cave in on them, and destroys the star portal. Fortunately, Ashan was patrolling in the Cathedral and heard the panicky screams from the humans. To make a long story short, he was able to save them and I sent them back home.
            “Well, it’s not the star portal thing, again.” Ashan said; he was reading my mind again. “It’s our sons. They asked her to create a separate enchanted forest haven for a family of European Unicorns so they won't live in fear of the centaurs of the Vadrodrean kingdom. The Cathedral won’t obey them. She said ‘They be young to order me around’.”
            “WHAT!” I scream in my mind again. As I repeated the word over and over again, my messy room stretched and whirled and grew dark and gray. The walls became stone and my bed became a nest of dead tree branches, giant leaves, and with small pieces of shiny objects in between. The green carpet transformed into a sea of small pebbles. My dresser, TV, DirecTV, PS2, mirror, and all the things of my normal human life disappeared and in their place were slabs of stone and marble. My messy room transformed into a cave.
I, too, also changed. My neck grew long and thick and my hair morphed into giant heavy purple scales. My face grew long and I grew four horns on my nose. My arms and legs stretched and become covered with dark blue scales. My hands and feet became talons with great hard nails. I grew light blue horns, black spikes, purple feathered wings, and a long brown tail with feathers at the end.
 In my world, I am a Great Horned Dragon, a beautiful bronze and metallic purple creature designed for speed on land and in air, telepathic communication, space, time, and dimensional travel, and an eye for art. An amazing creature I would be, except for my temper.
Anger drove me into a mad dash to the Cathedral. Furious, I jumped out of my cave and I flew as fast as I could, tearing every bird or other flying creature in my path. Now you’ve done it, Cathedral!! Nobody disobeys the Guardian’s family, I thought in my fuming mind, NOBODY, NOT EVEN THE CATHEDRAL!! Suddenly, I stopped. I hung there in the air and thought, what in the Davy Jone’s Locker am I doing? What have I become? I can’t be like this with murderous rage……
It be a voice?
It is a voice.
Legacy……it’s me, Ashan……
And it’s coming from my back.
It’s ok……don’t let the anger control you……
I forgot that he be a rider, a dragon rider.
I landed in a field of Mallengrol, pretty flowers with nine white petals and nine green leaves. They smell like cinnamon and apples. They taste like cinnamon apple pie. After I landed, I made a heavy dragon sigh and I lay down on the flowers. I stretched out my wings by my side. I felt Ashan descend from my back. When he came to face me, his hair was a mess, his robe was torn one side, and he was missing his sword. I made another sigh and said “I’m sorry, Ashan.”
He just looked at me and said nothing.
“I don’t know what came over me.” I continued.
Then Ashan turned away and I saw his wings covered in twigs, dirt, and pebbles. I think he tried to stop me from going, but only get dragged out of the cave and crashed against some trees. He turned around again, walked towards me, and he put his hand on my cheek and smiled. Then he hugged my neck, or at least tried to, since my dragon neck was so thick and scaly.
“It’s ok.” He said calmly. “It’s ok, Legacy, I forgive you. It will take more than a crash course to kill me and I love you too much to be angry at you.”
I was confused and said “But the murderous rage and the screaming and the-”
“No, no, I’m not worried about that.” He said. “I love you too much.”
“Love,” I said, understanding. “Even when I had done this to you, you still love me.”
I turn back into my human form and I hugged Ashan. . What a loving and caring Angelian! He still loves me in spite of what had happened. The dirt on his robe rubbed onto my clothes but I didn’t mind, love is more important.
“Let us go to the Cathedral together.” said Ashan.
“And give her a piece of our mind?” I said.
“Yeah, that too.” He said.


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